Instantly hydrate and detangle hair with Awapuhi Wild Ginger® MirrorSmooth® Conditioner. This silky, color-safe conditioner abolishes frizz and leaves hair luxuriously soft with a shiny, reflective mirror-smooth finish. It contains KeraReflect®, an exclusive blend infused with natural Abyssinian oil, awapuhi extract and keratin protein, to smooth and soften every strand, so hair is easy to comb. Also aids in preventing flyaways and protects strands from thermal damage.


Hair Type

Ideal for Frizzy Hair and Color-Treated Hair.



Hibiscus flower scent with a layering of bergamot zest, fresh pineapple, wild ginger, hibiscus flower, frangipani petals and coconut water.


Apply to clean, damp hair. Massage and rinse.

Awaphuhi MirrorSmooth Conditioner 1LT